LIV FWD provides lifestyle support and concierge services for individuals, families, and small businesses in Etobicoke and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to help you get the most out of life by expertly handling the ‘little things’ that are keeping you from what matters most.

Some of the tasks we commonly handle for clients include:

  • Event coordination (decorating, vendor coordination, set-up, etc.)
  • Planning and reservations (scheduling, research, vacation planning, booking trades, etc.)
  • Household support (house sitting, relocation services, coordination of repairs and maintenance, etc.)
  • Errand Services (groceries, dry-cleaning, meal delivery, etc.)
  • Gifting (sourcing items, gift baskets, etc.)

We also provide small business support, including:

  • Errand running for employees
  • Arranging transportation
  • Restaurant/hotel reservations
  • Courier services
  • Meeting/luncheon organization
  • General office support

If you need help with something you don’t see listed here, please contact us and we will happily find a solution!


Our packages are paid up-front and can be used on an as-needed basis over the course of 180 days (they expire six months from date of purchase). They offer our best rates and are a great choice for those who are looking for ongoing support as well as total flexibility.



$760.00 +hst

  • 10 hours of support at $76/hour

liv free

$1800.00 +hst

  • 25 hours of support at $72/hour
  • liv large

    $3400.00 +hst

  • 50 hours of support at $68/hour
  • LIV FWD reserves the right to change prices without notice.